3D Volcano Full Screen Saver

3D Volcano Full Screen Saver 1.0

3D Volcano Full Screen Saver puts an active volcano on your desktop
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One of the most impressive and powerful natural events is a volcanic eruption.
As impressive as it is, it is also mesmerizing to watch as the lava flows from the volcano.
3D Volcano Full Screen Saver puts an active volcano on your desktop.

This awesome screen saver will let you fly around erupting volcanoes to let you watch all the power of these natural phenomena. It will show you different volcanoes erupting, complete with lava falling down its sides and flowing to the bottom, as well as rocks flying out with the explosion. You will even feel the earthquake provoked by the eruptions!

This great screen saver will show you the volcano from different angles, surrounded by clouds and a gorgeous sunset in the horizon.

The sound effects are very good. You will be able to hear the explosions, the wind and the rage of nature.

If you have never experienced a volcanic eruption before, 3D Volcano Full Screen Saver will put you right on the scene.

You will also be able to see the smoke and steam coming out of the crater, complete with very good sound effects that add realism to the scene.

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  • Very detailed
  • You can see many aspects of an eruption


  • The camera moves too slowly
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